About Us

My Kawaii Pet is run by 3 Japanese women, Miho, Kaitee, and Nami. Miho and Kaitee are mother and daughter and Nami is their cousin. All of our art is hand drawn by Nami. 

Meet Miho and Kaitee's dogs, Hana and Francie, two brave puppy mill survivors. Hana spent her first 6 months in the mill after being labeled a "defect product" because of her heart condition. Francie, on the other hand, was forced to breed with other dogs and produce countless litters for nearly 3 years. Hearing their stories broke our hearts and we knew we wanted to rescue them. They joined our family after our first fur baby, Minnie, passed away. Our aim in adopting our two girls was to provide them with a safe, loving, home, in turn, they provided us peace during our time of grief. We chose Francie's face as our logo, because she taught us to be brave, strong, and never give up. 

Meet Nami's cats, Haiko, Arare, and Charlie. Haiko was adapted from a friend who couldn't take care of her anymore. Arare and Charlie were strays before but some how they found Nami who couldn't leave them on the street. Now all of them enjoy being spoiled.


Our Mission

We love our dogs and cats and they inspired us to want to help other animals in need. That's why My Kawaii Pet gives you a way to show off your love for your pets while giving back to animal shelters. With each purchase a percentage of the profit will be donated to local animal shelters in Colorado. We believe that pets are one of the greatest sources of happiness in our lives and our products showcase that happiness perfectly.